The spirit of giving that arose during the construction of The Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Fields has not diminished, nor has the need. The Fields require continuous maintenance and there is a need for supplies and assorted devices to increase the comfort and safety of players, as well as the enjoyment of spectators and visitors.  We are also in need of support for our existing programming, as well as future programming we hope to put in place.

Also, you can become a member of The Joe Nuxhall Miracle League team by giving:

Your time
We have an unending need for volunteers to do everything from concession stand work to clean up and maintenance work, as well as serve on our audio / visual team.

Your talent
If you have a special talent that may be of help to our kids, please contact our volunteer coordinator and register.

Your treasure
The need to endow The Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Fields is evident and important. We have not yet met our goal of $1.5 million to establish a trust that will ensure the future of the fields. Click here to donate now!

Above all
If you know of a child, or an adult, with physical or mental challenges that would like to play baseball, bring them to the fields!